Black Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner presents: “The beauty of the Philippines: WAWA DAM”

Wawa Dam


“Wawa Dam is located in Rodriguez, Rizal Philippines formerly known as Montalban, Rizal. The name Wawa is a tagalog word from the natives meaning “near the water”. Wawa Dam is constructed by the Americans in 1909 to provide water to nearby places. During the Japanese occupation, it became a battlefield and many Japanese soldiers died there defending their holding point when the Americans retook the area. In honor of these brave men, a marker was placed on the mountains of Wawa Dam that anyone passing through the trail can see it. Then in 1962, due to unexplained deterioration of water supply, its operation as a reservoir has been put into a closure, but its river still flows and is currently classified as a Class C river, meaning it is used for the propagation of aquatic resources. In addition, it has been visited by the locals and even people from other provinces and cities at present.”


(The legendary Leonardo de Carpio Mountain)


Mode of transportation:




(The Tricycle)



( “Patok Jeep” )



Bamboo Boat




Hanging bridge



You can also do trekking and you can see this kind of scenery.



On the way




You can do this in wawa dam!! 🙂




You can also found the historical Pamitinan Cave there. 

“Wawa Dam is not only known for its enormous white rock formations that surrounded the site, but also for the Pamitinan cave. The Pamitinan cave is one of the many caves found in the Montalban Gorge. The cave is contributory to the history of our country, having been the site where the first brave leaders of the Katipunan made their cry of the revolution for independence against the Spaniards in April 1895 occured. Using charcoals, Andres Bonifacio and other seven (7) Katipuneros wrote their names on the walls of the cave. There was the signature of Aurelio Tolentino, a Katipunero, with the date April 10, 1895, and on the other side were the names Emilio Jacinto, Andres Bonifacio, Faustino Mañalac, Francisco Del Castillo, Valeriano Dalida, Pedro Zabala, Guillermo Masangkay and the date April 11, 1895. There was also the famous inscription “Viva la Independencia Filipinas” and the figure of a skeleton, which is a sign in initiation ceremonies of the Katipunan. Thus, another batch of Katipuneros inscripted on the wall their names and the date February 2, 1897, which means that these men had been to the cave before having their trip to Cavite to talk to Aguinaldo.” —



Going up to Pamitinan cave



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