Black Beauty Hair Care Products’ New Look ♥

ImageBlack Beauty is a very effective and wonderful shampoo. It is capable of restoring hair to health and making it grow strong and thick. We have received numerous feedback about how Black Beauty has amended oily hair problems, falling hair problems, thinning hair problems, and the like. It’s really a must-try for everyone who wants beautiful and strong hair.


Black Beauty is an honest product – we only use the best ingredients and do not scrimp on costs. We give our 100% in everything we do, and this reflects in the excellent way our products deliver results. We work towards maintaining and building a good reputation for quality products that keep their promises.

Black Beauty is a product that everyone can use and reap benefits from. From old grandfathers with thinning hair to young teenagers who want to maintain their beautiful manes, Black Beauty products are the best ones available in the market.

Black Beauty Shampoo


This is unique! A hand FOAM sanitizer!

Sakura Spa Products

Sakura Hand Foam Sanitizer

Sakura disinfectant hand foam is effective against bacteria and viruses. Provide a rapid long lasting disinfection and biological cleanliness to any environment where the transfer of germs by hand is concern. No water or towels needed. Especially formulated with emollients and moisturizer that leave hands feeling soft and refreshed with a pleasant fragrance.

Available in: 200ml and 50ml bottles in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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Black Beauty Philippines at the recently held Outbreak Manila: Enchanted Kindom!

The recently held Outbreak Manila: Enchanted Kingdom last October 31, 2012 was a success!

Thank you to all who visited the Black Beauty Philippines Booth. And to those who purchased our 120 ml shampoo (for extra lives) !

Image     Image

And to the 15 free slots winners. . . We know you’ve been Enchanted!

Image  Image


Without these volunteer zombies. . . Outbreak Manila will not become outbreak Manila!





The runners!








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Black Beauty Shampoo will be giving away movie tickets!! Skyfall and Breaking Dawn Part 2!

The new James Bond movie is now showing! Watch it for free! At Resorts World Manila!
Black Beauty Philippines will be giving away 7 movie tickets to one lucky winner!


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Black Beauty will also giving away 10 tickets to the advance screening of BREAKING DAWN PART II!



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Watch out for our next movie ticket giveaway! 😉